Rich Text Control In Word For Mac

1. Paste Without Formatting Using Shortcuts

2. How to Paste Without Formatting in Microsoft Office

  • Keep Source Formatting is the default and will keep the text exactly as you copied it. (After opening the tooltip with Ctrl, press K to select it.)
  • Merge Formatting will make the text you’re pasting match the text around it. This will keep basic formatting like bold and bullet points, but changes the font to match what’s already in the document. (M is the shortcut key for this.)
  • Keep Text Only pastes in plain text, stripping all formatting. (Use T as the keyboard shortcut for this option.)

3. How to Always Paste Without Formatting on Mac

4. Paste as Plain Text Everywhere on Windows

5. Copy Without Formatting Using a Text Editor

Paste Without Formatting Every Time

  1. I generally have a tab open for Notepad++, the finest ever text editor. Paste text from anywhere into Notepad++, and then copy from there and all you get is the plain text.
  2. Easily one of the dumbest design choices by Microsoft. Literally 10% of their end user base probably find it more useful than annoying.
  3. Plain text copy and paste should be default and format copy/paste shouldn’t, not the other way around.
  4. After copying desired content and placing cursor where I want to paste into a Word document, ALT+HVT (hold down ALT, then type H, then V, then T) works for me. I have Win7SP1 with MS Word 2010. It’s a handful of keys, but no extensions or macros required.
  5. A+ for use of ‘Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing’ lol
  6. Rubbish. control key and shift key and v key do not paste anything.
  7. if i copied a text from the pdf and pasted in msword ,can we find the word is copied or typed
  8. Thank you! This has been vexing me for over 30 minutes!!
  9. About Nuvola player: it IS just a webkit browser page. — The fact that it ‘integrates’ with the system doesn’t make it a player. — Also, I see no integration in KDE. It is just a simplistic webkit browser with some bookmarks for the music streaming sites.
  10. I use a AutoHotKey script to remove/replace RichText styles & Microsoft SmartText characters…
  11. I just googled for this issue and found there. I liked PureText :)
    and I liked ‘ctrl+k’
    I will use these features a lot during my thesis ;)
  12. You had me at CTRL + Shift + V
  13. Since I retired I no longer own Office, but the world and his dog keep sending me .doc and even worse .docx files. Despite Abiword and Libreoffice and other free softwares claiming they can open docx, it often doesn’t work.
    I find the only way to rid myself of MS Word bloat is to pass it through Notepad. The most startling thing you notice is the file size difference. Less than 1kb of pure ASCII text is turned into 30–50kb by Office! It can’t all be formatting info.
    What is Word saying about you in the metadata it adds to every page you write? You’ll have to Google that, it’s too long for this comment.
    A useful tip is that saving without metadata in Word is not a global option, it defaults to ‘on’ and has to be disabled for each document, or each page for the truly paranoid.
  14. Many spies governments and diplomats are returning to using typewriters, photographing the document and sending the .jpg …..
  • > Many spies governments and diplomats are returning to using
    > typewriters, photographing the document and sending the .jpg
  • This seems like mere conjecture and extremely implausible.
  • Implausible, yes, but true. Sometimes inadvertently. About 10 years ago, somebody in the US government sent a document to somebody in the British government. During a press conference, the Brits said it was entirely their own idea, and released the Word document to the press — complete with metadata showing that an American had created the document.
  • That was when people started getting SERIOUS about stripping metadata, and Micro$oft added the clear metadata functions.
  1. If you are using a mac all you need is ‘text soap’ I have been using it for years, it is simple copy, paste, scrub, copy, paste you are done. Gets rid of forwarding and all.
  2. I’ve never thought of this as a problem because I’ve been using Clipmate for so many years. Although not free, and no longer actively being developed, it still stands head and shoulders above the competition. IMHO, easily the most useful utility program of all time.
  3. If you’re pasting into Excel and you want to remove formatting, don’t paste it into an actual cell. Instead, click in the input bar (above the grid area) and paste it there. This is a plain text input box, so it removes all formatting.
  4. I used to use notepad, but I simply paste in the browser’s address bar (URLs) and then copy/paste …
  5. I use this autohotkey script to strip the formatting:
  7. #v::Gosub Plaintext
  8. Plaintext:
  9. clipboard = %clipboard% ;clear any formatting from the clipboard
    send, {CTRLDOWN}v{CTRLUP} ;send normal paste command
    return ;end the function
  10. On my Mac, I prefer TextWrangler, both for removal of text formatting and general text editing. It’s more like Windows Notepad than TextEdit.
  11. Wow! And I thought I had a lot of programs running in the system tray!!! And there is ‘only’ 12 of them… never thought I’d see the monster quantity of programs on your screen shot!!! LOL Do you actually run other programs on your machine? Does it ever get ‘stuck’? How much RAM does your system have, 32 GB?
  12. I use notepad++ beacuse it lets me replace the ‘enter’ with a ‘space’ (It’s called EOL to space) when I copy text from a OCRed PDF. In fact, I made a macro. so now I just have to Crtl+c in pdf, change to notepad++ and crtl+t and finllay go to Word to paste the plain text :)
  13. my method (Firefox on Win):
    Ctrl+c; Ctrl+l/k; Ctrl+v; Ctrl+a; Ctrl+c
    copy; moves to address bar/ search bar; paste text(formating is cleared); choose all; copy
  14. just seen the last commenter — M R said exactly the same! posting it anyway :P
  • Thanks for sharing anyway, Jon! I actually do the same with Chrome sometimes. :)
  • Never thought to use Ctr-L usually I use win+R which works anywhere (easier than notepad but it may not be as good for many lines).
  1. I use firefox and when I have something highlighted on a website that I want to copy without formatting I 1) copy (Ctrl-C), 2) go to the seartch box (Ctrl-K), 3) paste it there (Ctrl-V), and then 4) select all and cut it from there sans-formatting (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X). It sounds like a lot, but I do this all from the keyboard and its actually rather quick.
  • Ctrl-(CKVAX)
    You could probably make an AHK utility that maps a hotkey to that combination, making it even faster :P
  1. I use Office (the first example) 2010. Love its paste options.
  2. When that doesn’t do it (occasionally I find PDFs from hell that insert formatting that would survive a crematorium) I use Stripmail. I copy the text I need, open up the small stripmail utility, click on a Do It All button, and the unformatted text is then transferred to my clipboard (and Stripmail itself gets minimized). Love this utility, been using it for years. I emailed the guy once, asking if he wanted donations, he said no, its just a hobby for him, doesn’t need the cash.
  3. Pretty cool.

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