Speech To Text In Excel For The Mac

Speech Transcription Setup

Hardware and Software Requirements

Microphone Considerations

Configuring Speech Transcription Programs

Test Methodology

Fiction Writing Sample (From H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulu)

Business Writing Sample (Jerry Brown’s 2017 State of the Union speech)

Academic Writing Sample (Charles Darwin’s On the Tendency of the Species to Form Varieties)

3 Voice Transcription Suites Tested

H.P. Lovecraft (Fiction Writing Test)

Charles Darwin (Scientific or Academic Writing Test)

Wrap Text In Excel

Jerry Brown State of the State Address 2016 (Business Writing Test)

Are Free Transcription Services Worth Using?

Speech To Text Software Mac

Convert Date To Text In Excel

Columns To Text In Excel

  1. Do you need to be online to the SW work?
  2. Thank you for this article! You did the research for me and made my choice easier. I appreciate it.
  3. Nice article. You did miss one error by GDVT in the Jerry Brown speech. The word ‘from’ is missing in the 2nd sentence (or maybe it was inadvertently not spoken?)
  4. Try the free office dictate add in for word and outlook. Better than windows default one and free. Also msft. Check garage site.
  5. Finally, Translator live feature, though not initially built for this does the best job. Hyyp://translate. It
  • office (365) Dictate is a free add in, but you must have Microsoft Office 365 which is NOT free. It’s only free if you’re a student. You can do a free 30 day trial with a credit card, but you’ll get charged unless you remember to cancel it in time. I contacted Microsoft asking if any discounts or free versions to the disabled. I was told no. I told them to voice my request that it should be.

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